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Home remedies for acne -Remove Acne Overnight

Acne Home Treatment: 

Acne is a very common problem from which a very large feed of young people are suffering these days. Dirty skin, eating chocolates,       greasy food and hormonal changes are a few common reasons which are inculpated for it. Do you suffer from acne, wish you didn't have any, but don't want to waste money on expensive products that don't even work? You can destroy acne naturally within a few weeks using products from around the house.

Baking soda:
Baking soda is one of the ingredients which can be found in every kitchen easily. Mix baking soda with some water in a bowl as thick as a paste and apply it over the face as a facial mask. Remove it after 20 minutes and wash your face with lukewarm water or as the dermatologist prescribes as per your skin type. Natural bleaching agents of baking soda will definitely help in speeding the healing, clearing up and reducing of the scars.

Organic yogurt:
 If you are not allergic to milk products then organic yogurt is very gentle and is a must for acne reduction. Apply the yogurt on the acne and let it remain for at least 10 minutes. Lactic acid in the yogurt contains natural alpha hydroxy acids and has milk exfoliating effects which helps the skin rejuvenate and reduce acne scarring.

Honey and Cinnamon:
Honey is an unprocessed antibacterial agent that kills bacteria and eliminates acne. Cinnamon has beneficial properties from essential oils in cinnamon bark, allowing it to be an anti-clotting and anti-inflammatory agent to the skin. Combine the two and create a face mask to aide your skin in repairing damage.

Lemon Juice:
We all know that lemons are high in acidity. Not only does this allow pimples to dry out, but it also kills acne bacteria. Lemon is known to provide a calming effect to the skin and the vitamin C content maintains healthy and glowing skin. For direct application to the skin, take a cotton ball and squeeze fresh lemon juice on it and apply it to problem areas.

Olive Oil:
 For scarring treatment, use olive oil. Although you may cringe at the thought of olive oil helping with any aspect of acne, when you have acne, it may cause the skin to lose its expansion properties. The oil helps rejuvenate your skin and bring it back from its damaged and dry texture that acne brought on. Apply a salt and olive oil mixture on the skin and rinse with warm water.
Papaya for the pimple prone:
Rinse your face with water and pat dry. Mash up the flesh of the papaya well, until it is of a consistency that can be easily applied to your skin. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse off completely with warm water. If your skin has a tendency to get dry after you cleanse it, use a moisturizer appropriate for your skin type afterwards.

Slice a raw potato:
Slice a raw potato in half and apply onto acne. Raw potato can heal as well as act an anti-inflammatory. Again, wash the residue off your skin gently with water after using.

Use toothpaste for pimples:
 If you have a single, mighty pimple you want destroyed overnight, consider using toothpaste to cover the pimple with. Toothpaste contains silica, which is the substance you find in beef jerky bags, used to keep any moisture out of substances. Silica will dry out and diminish the size of the pimple overnight if left on.


 Making a facial mask from egg-white is very helpful in healing acne scars and reducing acne inflammation at a fast rate. Apply the mashed egg-white over the face as a facial mask and wash it after 20 minutes with lukewarm water. But, be sure that your skin is not allergic to eggs and taking the advice of dermatologist is a must. If you can undergo it then also try after mixing few drops of lemon with it.

Ice magic:
Place an ice-cube over your acne pimples one by one and it will really help reduce the redness and swelling from them. Ice cubes also helps in reducing the size of acne scars by tightening them.

Nature's helping hand:
Tea tree oil is a common antiseptic oil which is very helpful in reducing the inflammation of acne. It is highly beneficial and it helps in reducing the redness of the acute stage of acne. Take some tea tree oil and apply it to the acne overnight.
Exercise regularly:
Regular workouts, physical exercises and a fit body with a balanced weight will help you in the long term; reducing sweets, carbohydrates and high calories in diet would help in controlling acne.

Rosewater and lemon juice:
 If you happen to have some rosewater (if you don’t, you should get some … again, Mountain Rose Herbs or Whole Foods), take 1 tsp rosewater and 1/2 tsp lemon juice and apply to the blemishes. The rosewater will act as a calmative and helps repair the skin, while the lemon juice is astringent and drying.

Apple Cider Vinegar.
The good old standby, the liquid that does more things than Madonna (career-wise, I mean) – just dab a bit onto the affected area and let it dry. Leave it on for 20 minutes … or forever!

Aloe vera gel or leaf.
 For some time, I had an aloe vera plant in my home. Then I forgot to water it. For a month. Anyway, whenever I started to feel a pimple coming on, I’d break off a tiny bit of the leaf and rub the gel inside over it. Worked like a charm at heading off (sorry for the pun) the pimple. You don’t have to have a plant – just look for the purest aloe vera gel you can find in your local natural foods store.

Dissolve some salt in lemon juice.

 If you want even MORE drying power than just straight lemon juice, try dissolving 1/2 tsp salt in 2 tsp lemon juice, rub on the zit and leave on (being aware that lemon juice is also bleaching and can cause sensitivity to the sun).


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