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How to get soft pink lips naturally

How to get soft pink lips....

             Learning how to keep lips softi is hard ! I bite, chew and pick at my lips all the time! That is actually what inspired this post because I was dying to find out how to keep lips soft and pink and kissable all the time ! so without any more stalling , lets talk a little bit about how to keep lips soft and beautiful looking so your man will want to kiss all time!

        Your lips need protection against hot and cold weathers and also from the damaging sun rays. These climatic conditions remove moisture from lips making it dry and rough. To counter attack to these problems use moisturizing lip balms and other products with sun protection to get soft and smooth lips quickly.

  • Ø Honey and sugar scrub-Avoid lip balms with fragrances, flavors, or dyes. These can be drying or potentially trigger irritation in some sensitive users. Choose lip balms with all-natural ingredients (no chemicals) that are free from unwanted additives. Sugar and honey scrub above is great for about once a week and you can alternate with using the lemon and sugar scrub too. This one is great if your lips are not just a little oily but if you have a ton of dead skin. These is also a great lip plumper too!

  • Ø Wear a moisturizing lip balm everyday- Use a balm with shea or cocoa butter for the best results. Make sure to reapply frequently throughout the day when your lips begin to feel dry (usually about every two hours). Apply lip balm every morning underneath any other lip products that you use, including lipstick, lip gloss, and lip stain.

  • Ø Avoid lip balms with fragrances, flavors, or dyes- These can be drying or potentially trigger irritation in some sensitive users. Choose lip balms with all-natural ingredients (no chemicals) that are free from unwanted additives.

  • Ø  Coconut-citrus conditioner. Mix 2 teaspoons coconut oil, 3 drops lemon juice, and 1 teaspoon beeswax into a saucepan and melt it over low heat stirring constantly. You can also use lime juice if you don't have any lemon juice on hand. Pour the mixture into a glass container and allow it to cool and harden. Apply it to your lips as you would a regular lip balm.

  • Ø Clove oil for plump lips- Speaking of plumped up lips! If you're looking for an all natural, instant lip plumper, just add some clove oil to your lips and instantly, they will seem bigger and loo more lusicous! Trust me ladies, this is one of the ways to keep lips soft and plump that works!

  • Ø Don’t bite- Biting my lips is absolutely one of my worst habits. It's also one of the habits that I've learned to break since it does cause my lips to become super dry and peal a lot! So ladies, if you want soft and kissable lips, don't bite them!

  • Ø Massage your lips- Massaging is a great way to make lips look fuller and red. Take an ice cube and add to a thin cloth. Slowly move it to your lips for 5 minutes daily. You can also take Vaseline, nevia or honey for massaging your lips. Massages helps to get a good lip shape and also stimulates oxygen and blood. This provides more nourishment to lips thus making it look healthy and fresh.

  • Ø Avoid hot drinks- Drinking hot tea and coffee tends to remove moisture from lips and are also responsible for burns on lips. This make lips to look rough and dark. I am definitely not advising to stop drinking but allow these drinks to slightly cool and then have it.

  • Ø Mix olive oil and almond oil together and apply it to your lips daily. Within a week you will notice that your lips are no more dry and chapped.

  • Ø Aloe vera gel is also an effective home remedy to get attractive pink lips naturally. Aloe extracts are widely used in skin care products that help to make skin soft. Apply this gel to your lip skin for 15 minutes and then clean it using cold water. This gel provides anti-oxidants and moisture and can also be used to cure lip allergies.

  • Ø Avocado and yogurt are also some great lip moisturizers that can be used on lips to get rid of lip dryness.

  • Ø Take a handful of rose petals, add some cream and make paste and apply on the lips, you will see your lips become soft and pink.

  • Ø Apply the cream that is got from boiled milk, it moisturizes the lips and keeps them soft.

  • Ø Regular use of Vaseline or petroleum jelly will keep the lips soft at all times.

Healthy and pink lips are every girl's dream. Texture and colour of your lips can reveal a lot about your health and lifestyle. With a little bit of care, you can achieve pink, luscious and attractive lips, as you ever wanted. Reply If You Like all these tips.


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