Wednesday, March 12, 2014

How to grow nails faster..

    This article will fill you in on the tips I've found that work for me and provided me with the fabulous fingernails I now have.

·       Stop biting them. Yes, it's pretty hard. But they have some bitter tasting polishes on the market. Go to the grocery store and pick up one. You can use it on your bare nail, or on top of polish, the only thing is, they may have to be re-applied every few days for the bitter taste to stay.

·       Always wear rubber gloves while cleaning.

·       Kyees advises women to use rubber gloves when they are using household cleaners to provide a barrier of protection against harmful chemicals that break the nail down.

·       Give your cuticles a much-needed massage.

·       "The actual nail forms just below the cuticle, and when you massage the cuticle you bring blood into that area of the nail which promotes healthier nail growth," says Lippmann. "It’s more about the action of massaging and getting the blood flowing than an actual treatment."

·       Never use your nails as a tool.

·       Soak your nails (one hand at a time) in the vinegar for 3-5 minutes, while your other hand holds the bowl steady. Remove your hands from the vinegar and dry them off with a paper towel or dish cloth. Wash your hands with soap and water to remove the smell of the vinegar Also you can use hand sanitizer after you're finished. Let it stay on for 4 minutes and then wash off and you're done.                             

·       Apply two coats of hard-nail fingernail polish Leave for 2 hours then add another coat of hard-nail fingernail polish. Make sure that your fingernail polish is not lumpy or thick. This can make your nails look unattractive. Plus, if the polish comes off suddenly or forcefully it can damage your nails, which is not a good thing.

·       Practice good nail maintenance. Letting your nails get jagged and rough can make them weak, which causes them to weaken and break off. For nails that grow long and strong, it's important to keep them well-manicured and clean.

·       Dietary supplements. Rubbing garlic on your nails. Wiggling your fingers in the air for hours at a time.

·       To make nails grow faster, I take a multivitamin supplements and eat yogurt every day.

·       Massage nail beds once a day for about ten seconds per nail. It's easy and you can do it anywhere!

·       To make your nails grow faster drink lots of milk or eat a lot of food with vitamin D.

·       Moisturize your nails, especially during the winter months. When your fingernails leave the cuticle, they are already dead cells, meaning that they won't repair themselves. This means that you have to take care of them yourself.


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