Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to reduce Pregnancy weight faster...

Reduce Pregnancy Weight...

The frustration might be setting in: After all, you have a five-month-old baby and you still haven't lost all your pregnancy weight. Well, don't give up. Lots of moms take lots of time to lose what they've gained (never mind what brand new celebrity mamas look like), and patience is the key to losing baby weight after pregnancy (yes, even that stubborn belly flab!). You should plan to return to your pre-pregnancy weight by 6 months after delivery. Most women lose half of their baby weight by 6 weeks postpartum (after childbirth). The rest usually comes off over the next several months. Sticking to a diet can be tricky with a baby, but these tips can help you stay on track:

1.      Do breast feed. This is not just good for the baby but helps the new mom lose weight. Doctors believe that breastfeeding burns around 500 calories a day.

2.      Don’t exercise. It may sound strange, but going on an official "diet" could derail your post-pregnancy weight loss goals. Feeling deprived of your favorite foods while you're already stressed out by your new role as mom could actually cause you to gain weight.  Keep different snacks in the house to keep you from feeling hungry and give you energy throughout the day. Apple slices, carrot sticks, and wheat crackers are all good for noshing.
3.      Drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water a day. If your urine is yellow then this is a sign of dehydration. Drinking water will help refresh your body. 
4.      Find out if there is one near your residence and join one. This is a good way to lose weight. Plus, you will get to meet and interact with other moms as well. If you are breastfeeding try to exercise after you have feed the baby. Do not let the weight problem bog you down. Enjoy this new phase and have fun with the baby, while taking care of not eating too much
5.      Eating healthily, and including plenty of fruit and vegetables in your meals and snacks, will speed your recovery from labor and birth. It will also give you the energy you need to keep up with the demands of being a new parent. 
6.      Include plenty of fibre-rich foods such as oats, beans, lentils, grains and seeds in your meals.
7.      Don't get me wrong and go join a gym. Workout with your baby. By taking him/her for walks in a stroller or holding him/her in the baby backpack. 
8.      Since you are a new mom you cannot go on a diet. But make sure that whatever you eat is healthy. A well-balanced meal should include fruits, vegetables, lean meats, fish and low-fat dairy products. Try sticking to only fruits and vegetables. 
9.      Don't give in to the cravings for deep-fried food. And don't skip meals, just because to want that se*y figure back. Remember you are breastfeeding and the baby gets his dose of nutrients from you. Plan your meals and eat a sensible amount of calories for each meal. 
Moreover, regardless of what exercises you do, pay close attention to the warning signs of trouble and seek medical attention if any of these symptoms appear:
·         Excessive bleeding
·         Pelvic or abdominal pain
·         Extreme shortness of breath

·         Exhaustion after even mild exercise
      Muscle soreness that does not go away within a day or 2


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