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Summer skin care tips

          The summer months can be a bane, especially for people with oily skin. In summer, sweat and oil secretions increase. These are deposited on the skin, making it look greasy and also attracting dirt and pollutants. The skin loses its glow and looks dull. When temperatures soar, your hair and skin need extra TLC. We've gathered the top tricks under the sun to help you look hot and keep your cool this season.

Use sunscreen
It’s not enough to just apply sunscreen.: you must apply enough, and apply frequently.   Studies indicate that most people do not apply nearly as much daylight protection as they should.  A teaspoon for the face. For the body, about as much as would fill a shot glass. Re-apply every two hours. Tip: Stay out of the midday sun from mid-morning to late afternoon whenever you can.
         Today’s sophisticated formulas and technology let you select sun protection that works with your skin condition. That means you can choose oil-free, mattifying formulas, extra emollient formulas for dry skin, or chemical free formulas for sensitized, reactive skin.

Exfoliate for clearer, smoother skin
 Exfoliation removes dead, dulling skin debris to prevent congestion and improve hydration from toners and moisturizers. Perform in the mornings prior to toner, moisturizer, SPF and make-up application. Tip: Make-up will last longer on an exfoliated skin!  After you exfoliate, follow with a hydrating body cream to seal in moisture, and always shield freshly exfoliated skin with an SPF (as recommended by the FDA). 

Monthly Professional Facials
Your skin deserves some extra TLC in the summer. While the first step of your summer skin care regimen should be to change your homecare products, it’s essential to implement monthly facials. High temperatures trigger oil production and clog pores. Monthly facials give your overtaxed skin a break, soothe sensitivity and keep your pores clean.

The Truth about SPF
SPF 30 is double the protection of SPF 15, right? Wrong, it’s only 4% more protection. As the SPF number increases (50, 70) that percentage decreases, and you’re exposing your skin to more chemicals. The key to protecting your skin is to generously reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. Sunscreen wears off, sweats off and rinses off, so reapply every hour if you are out in the sun.

Use Cold Yogurt for Sunburn
A common misconception about soothing sunburn is applying tons of lotion (especially aloe-based lotions) in an effort to keep your skin moist. The truth is lotion applied to sunburned skin traps heat (which keeps your skin red longer). Apply cold yogurt to remove the heat, let dry for 20 minutes and rinse, repeating every hour.

Wash your Makeup Brushes Every Week
Your skin is oilier during the summer and that oil and bacteria gets caught up in the bristles of your makeup brushes which results in clogged pores. Fill a glass with warm water and add 1 TBSP of gentle shampoo, swish your brushes and create lather then rinse well and use a comb to detangle and reshape. Dry upright in a glass in the sun. (The sun kills bacteria).

Create a Routine
Summer skin care requires some effort on your part. Regular application of sun protection, professional facials and a good home skin care regimen are your best defense against the sun and the havoc summer can wreak on your skin.

 Oily skin need an astringent toner. An astringent helps to reduce oiliness. Wipe the skin several times a day with it. You can buy an astringent lotion and mix it with rose water in equal quantities. Keep it in a bottle in the fridge. This makes a good astringent-toner for oily skins.

Rose Skin Toner
If you are out during the day, carry a small bottle of rose skin tonic in your handbag, so that you can use it whenever the skin feels sweaty and greasy. Wet tissues are also available for the purpose, although a rose or lavender based tonic can be very beneficial for the skin.

Bed time cleansing
Cleansing of the skin at night, before bedtime is even more important. The dirt and pollutants, which have been deposited on the skin during the day, must be removed. This not only helps to reduce surface oil, but also protects the skin from pimples, spots and other eruptions.

Store Your Products in the Refrigerator

If you have redness or Rosacea your skin probably looks red and irritated more so in the summer. Keep your products in the refrigerator and when you use them they’ll feel refreshing while the coldness will reduce the dilation of the capillaries and reduce redness.

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