Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beauty tips for Beautiful Lips

Do you have the habit of licking your lips every time? Then there is a great possibility that you might be suffering from dry and chapped lips. Chalky and dry lips are not just restricted to winters and can happen during any season. Just like the eyes, our lips also enhance the attractiveness of our face. Due to pollution and due to rampant use of harsh cosmetics, lips tend to turn dark and lose their natural beauty over time.

Tips to get beautiful Lips

Keep your lips hydrated:  

Drink enough water. Take a water bottle with you wherever you go. Drinking enough water (the equivalent of at least 9 cups of fluids daily) will keep the body, skin and lips hydrated.

Avoid the lips licking habit:

Licking your lips damages the protective barrier, which can dry out the lips. Saliva tends to further dry out the moisture on your rather than add to them. Dermatologists hence advise us not to lick the lips to keep them wet because in the process you are further drying them out and this can lead to darkening of the lips. Even the habit of biting lips should be avoided as there is the risk of damaging them, instead keep a moisturizing lip balm handy for application as it protects and conditions your lips.

Scrub your lips:

To make your lips very soft and brightly pink, try gently massaging your mouth with wet, soft-bristle toothbrush every evening. This method can easily and quickly help exfoliate your lips, but remember, don’t be harsh, because the skin on your lips is very gentle!

Use lip balm with SPF:

 Invest in a good lip balm to protect your smile. Harsh weather; wind and cold temperatures, will dry out your lips and can leave them looking and feeling sore but you can protect them very easily and inexpensively with a balm like ‘Vaseline lip therapy’. Lipsticks, glosses or balms that include an SPF will also protect from the sun’s damaging rays.

Moisturize your lips

Lack of moisture leads to a lot of our lip troubles. So being preemptive is a better path to pick. Spray some powder onto your hankie and hold it to your lips. press down slightly. This helps retain moisture.

Don’t use lipstick regularly

Use lipsticks only when you need them the most. They contain chemicals, which are not good for your lips. Make sure you use Lipsticks with Shea butter, Vitamin E, jojoba oil etc that moisturize your lips. Go for a tinted lip balm instead of a lipstick for regular use, and brands like Nivea and Maybelline have some real good ones.

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