Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Homemade Toner For Face

Toning is an important part of your day to day beauty care regime .After cleansing your face properly, it is of utmost importance to tone your face to absorb the excess oil from the surface of your skin and remove the leftover traces of dirt and cleansers, settled on the face. All these can be heavy on your pocket.

 Why spend money for something when you can whip up facial toners cheaply at home? Yes, it is very much possible to rustle up facial toners using ingredients available in your kitchen without spending money if you have the Time.

Cucumber & Curd:

Grate a fresh cucumber and add ½ cup of curd to this. Leave this pack on your face for 5-10 minutes. This natural face toner is very effective for oily skin type .You can store this facial toner in the refrigerator for regular use.

Ice Cold Water:

You can try ice cold water for toning your skin too .After cleansing your face ,dab on ice cold water on your face to close the open pores and tone it properly .Ice cold water is an excellent facial/skin toner.

Green Tea:

Steep green tea in water for ten minutes. Strain this mixture and apply this on the face .Try this recipe of natural facial toner in the morning to get a tingling fresh and smooth skin all day long.

Mint Leaves:

Pour 1.5 liters of hot water over mint leaves .Leave the mint leaves in hot water for ten minutes. Strain this mixture and let it cool down. Use this preparation with cotton pads on your face to cleanse and tone it.

Vinegar & Rose Water:

Mix vinegar and rose water in equal measure and wipe your face with this mixture to tone it. Vinegar and rose water mixed together is a wonderful skin toner.

Apple With Honey:

In a grinder, purée 1 apple with one spoon of honey .Keep this mixture  on the face for 15 minutes; wash off with lukewarm water. Apple mixed with honey acts as a wonderful facial/skin toner. Try this recipe to get fresh and vivid skin daily.

Lemon with Vodka:

Take 2 spoons of water lemon and 2 spoon of distilled water and one spoon of vodka .Mash watermelon to extract the juice from it and add distilled water and vodka to it. Mix them well and use with cotton balls on the face .This homemade face toner can be used up to ten days after it is made.

Apple vinegar & Lavender oil:

Take 2-3 cups of witch hazel and 1/3 cup of apple vinegar and 7 drops of lavender essential oil .Mix well all ingredient together .Witch hazel is a great astringent and apple cider vinegar maintains the PH balance of your skin. And lavender roil soothes the sensitive skin. This recipe is very good for oily skin.

Rosemary Facial Toner:

The mix of Rosemary, thyme, white wine, rosemary and mint is a good natural facial toner . Rosemary is an astringent that helps to stimulate cells that battle blemish and acne; AHA in wine works for cell renewal and growth.

Mixed Vegetables Toner:

Take 4 spoons of cucumber juice and 2 spoons of carrot juice, 1 spoon of mint juice and lemon juice. Pour hot water over mint leaves and steep for few minutes and stain it. Mix all ingredients well. You can put in a freezer or transform it into ice cubes and rub these cubes on the face.

Tomato & Honey:

Take 3 spoons of tomato juice and 1 spoon of organic honey and mix them together. Make it a thick paste to dab on your face to tone it naturally.

Milky Face Toner:

Mix one spoon of milk, honey each and one egg together to make a natural toner at home. Wash off with cold water.

Lemon juice:

Apply lemon juice on the face for ten minutes and wash off. Scrubbing lemon on the face lightens your facial complexion too.

Vegetable oil with Honey:

Mix ¼ spoon of vegetable oil with ¼ spoon of lemon juice and 1 spoon of honey. Leave this mix on the face for 10 minutes and wash of with lukewarm water .Be ready to experience radiant skin right after the use! Write me your reviews about the result you have got.

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