Saturday, May 17, 2014

Beauty tips for Girls

Beauty tips for Teenage Girls: In the world of beauty, there are endless tips and rules to keep you looking fabulous. As a teen girl, you will find makeup tips for teens everywhere. Keep in mind that you are only as beautiful as you feel. Beauty lies both inside and out. So no matter how amazing your natural beauty is, if you are not happy with yourself, it will not matter how gorgeous you look.

Highlight Your Best Features

Everyone has a feature or two that stands out. It may be your hair, smile, eyes, body shape, or stunning personality. Focus on bringing attention to these traits.

Makeup is Not a Necessity

Though makeup can help accent your facial features and give you some color, teenagers really do not need it. Makeup applied wrong or too thick can make you look either silly or cheap.


The best beauty tips for teen girls you will receive are keep it simple.
•Use a natural colored blush to help accent your cheekbones. Blend it with a cotton ball.
•Purchase a concealer in the same color as your skin to cover up any blemishes
•A grey eyeliner will accent your eyes
•Curl your eyelashes to highlight your eyes
•A natural shade of lip color or lip gloss is all you need for beautiful lip
•Powder and mineral makeup can give you the same results without the heavy look and feel.

Avoid the Sun

Bronze does not mean beautiful. Though it is impossible to avoid the sun altogether, the UV rays are dangerous and can cause damaged skin or cancer later in life. Protect yourself when outside with sunscreen, sunglasses and hats.
If you feel the need to look darker, use tinted bronzers, sunless tanning or instant tan lotions.

Beautify Your Nails

Your nails are one of your most beautiful assets. Use them to accessorize or express yourself. If you bite or pick at your nails, consider breaking that habit.
If you want to look more mature, try French tips instead of using color. You can also decorate your nails with jewels and little pictures, like stars, hearts or stripes.
If you can’t afford a manicure, get some friends together for a manicure party.

Style Your Hair

You can change your entire look with a simple haircut or color change. Take a trip to the hair salon for advice on cutting or coloring your hair. The secret is to find a haircut that makes you feel beautiful, and you can easily style every morning.

The Importance of Skin Care

By taking care of your skin now, you are working towards beautiful skin. How you treat it today is important to the future of your skin.
  • Clean your face every night to remove makeup and dirt.
  • Use a daily facial scrub or simple skin care system.
  • Use sunscreen whenever you are outside

Lip care

  • Exfoliate! But use homemade exfoliators like sugar and honey. Avoid the tooth brush technique no matter how soft the bristles are.
  • Moisturizer as frequently as you can. Never let it dry out.
  • Do not lick your lips or peel out dry skin. Nothing causes more damage than these two things!
  • Don’t wear lipstick on already chapped lips. They only highlight and further dry your skin.
  • Always check for expiration date. Expired products have more bacteria and less nutrients which can add fuel to an already growing skin condition. And if you don’t have one, it will cause one for you!

Always smile and be confident. A radiant smile does wonders to the beauty efforts you have made! Share your Tips with us.

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