Thursday, May 22, 2014

Nail Shapes - Choose the Best for You

An hour at the nail salon is a cheap and easy way to pamper yourself. Like your hair or your clothes, nails are a way to express your personal style. They're also a fun way to experiment with fashion without a huge commitment.

Trends in nails are largely dictated by what we see on the runways and what popular celebrities are doing. Some of today's trends are a fresh, new look while some pay homage to classic styles of the mid-20th century. Whether your nails are an extension of your outfit, or simply a handy means to extracting a splinter, here are five different nail shapes to consider for your next manicure.

Oval Shape

The perfect oval shape is more tapered than the straight with an oval tip and thus is slightly weaker, making it only suitable for nails that are thicker and sturdier. If you have a wide nail bed, it also adds a delicate touch to your nails.

Almond Shape

The almond shape is somewhere in between the pointed shape and the oval shape. It’s fairly fragile and harder to maintain as it begins to taper at the tip of the finger up to the point and if it is damaged between visits, a bit of length has to be filed off to reshape leaving an uneven set.

Round Shape

Some girls love this nail shape while some think it’s outdated… I, personally, wouldn’t style my nails like this but I have to admit that this shape has its benefits. Like durability, for example. You see, smooth, rounded tip is not easy to chip or tear so round nails would be ideal for the ones who have weak nails and like to keep them short.

Square Shape

Extremely square nails are very popular these days – add French manicure to them, and you’ll have an ideal nails style to fit every occasion. This shape actually draws attention to the hands so I’d say it looks best on medium and long nails. Be careful with this shape, though, as you could easily chip the edges even if you have your nails styled with UV gel or acrylic. I’m actually quite an expert on that! Chipping edges, I mean…

Square Oval Shape

The square oval, also known as the squoval, is a softer take on the square nail and it has remained popular because it looks good on most fingers. It's less prone to catching on clothing and seems to weather wear and tear a little better than severely squared nails. This feminine style works great on long and short nails, but is most flattering on longer fingers with narrow nails. It's also a great palette for nail art and jewelry.

Pointed Shape

Pointed These are tapered from the edges to a sharp point at the center, which is the weakest nail shape, which is exasperated as it snags on clothing and once it is damaged the majority of the nail must be filed down to regain the shape

Try these shapes and give trendy looks to your nails....

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