Sunday, June 15, 2014

Beauty Secrets of Angeline Jolie

 What is Angelina Jolie’s star secret?  Angelina refuses to get plastic surgery!  She loves the unique features that people possess.  This is why she has looked exactly the same since the time she was a teenager.  Everyone knows that Angelina has stunning lips, and this is her unique feature that she wouldn’t dare change.  She believes in striking a balance on her face, and therefore plays up only one feature.  Since her lips are already stunning, she tends to wear only gloss on them, and instead chooses to play up her eyes.  She loves smoky eyes, thick eye liner, and anything else that will draw attention to her pretty lashes.  Angelina also loves grooming her brows and making their perfect arch the main focus.  Angelina Jolie is the poster girl for understated elegance, and we think she is right on key!

Angelina Jolie's Beauty Secrets!

    1.    Take care of your skin! Angelina Jolie never uses harsh soaps to wash her face,she applies lotion liberally and always wears SPF.

2.    Angie likes the natural look and try not to wear too much make-up. “Well, not always. When I’m tan, especially, I go natural. The only makeup I always wear– and this is going to sound funny, but my lips on their own are bright red, which I hate– is gray lipstick”, she says.

3.    Keep your lip color simple to allow your eyes to shine! Angie is a big fan of smoky eyes! She loves thick eye liner and anything else that will draw attention to her pretty lashes.

4.    Have you ever wondered about the secret of Angelina's perfect skin? We have the answer: Fish eggs! Yes, she uses a skin cream made from eggs of baerii sturgeon fish which makes her skin more toned.

5.    Another tip from Hollywood's beauty queen is to smell good! Angelina prefers clean, masculine fragrances and has worn Carolina Herrerra’s Herrerra for Men since she was sixteen.

6.    Finally, Angelina's best beauty secret is.... Happiness! She says: "When you're happy with what you do in your life, and you're surrounded by a lot of love and support, that's the best thing for beauty. When you're living very fully."

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