Thursday, June 12, 2014

How to Do a Natural Everyday Makeup

Do you  ever want to wear makeup but you don't want it to be super noticeable. Well today I am going to tell you how to and also it is only a 10 minute routine when you get the hang of it. Do everyday makeup in 5 easy steps..........

Step 1.

Wash your face to prevent blemishes. Take your concealer and put it all around your eyes even to the brow bone to get a even eye. Take your concealer on any blemishes.

Step 2.

Take a little bit of foundation to match everything. Then take powder to hide the shine. Take mascara and hold it to your eye then blink and put some on the bottom lashes to.

Step 3.

Take brown or black eyeliner and lift your upper lashes up and put the liner underneath the lashes. Gently line the bottom lashes. Put brown eye shadow on your lid up to the crease.

Step 4.

 Take a smaller brush and put the eyeshadow under the lashes like eyeliner. Take nude eyeshadow and put it under the brow and in the corner of your eye.

Step 5.

Apply lip balm. Put lip gloss on and there you go you are all done with the natural makeup look.

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