Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sonakshi Sinha's Weight losing tips

In recent times, one of the most talked about weight loss transformations in Bollywood has been of Sonakshi Sinha. This stunning lass, became a star after a grand entry in Dabangg where she was paired against superstar Salman Khan. Ruling the hearts of numerous admirers, Sonakshi Sinha has got a se*y curvy body to be envious of.

This 5 feet 6 inch 23 years old damsel who has won million of hearts was never like this. From weighing 90 kg when she was student of fashion designing to a healthy 60 kg now she has a lost a whopping 30 kgs of weight.
We take you through the journey of how discipline and determination helped Sonakshi achieve her challenging dream of losing weight and looking great!!

From 90 to 60 Kilos, in two years!
Obviously losing 90 kg was not easy. When she started this journey she knew that. She says that Salman Khan helped her a lot  in this.

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How did Sonakshi Lose 30 kg?

Sonakshi Sinha Diet Plan

Sonakshi being a big foodie had to face great difficulties in swearing by a balanced diet regime. Junk foods, processed foods, and all other unhealthy stuffs being the most loved foods of Sonakshi were not cool for her to forbid. However, she programmed her brain and reminded it of her weight loss objective.

She kept strict distance from junk foods specifically foods having high content of trans fats. Green tea being great antioxidant and fat burning food item has become her favorite and she consumes it twice or thrice in a day.

Sonakshi weight loss story has no room for starvation and fad diet plans. She never succumbed to these claptrap ways of melting pounds. While sticking to portion control, she consumes all kinds of foods including sugary foods items such as cakes, pastries etc. in moderation.

Sonakshi’s fitness regimen

In addition to cardio, spinningTM and weight training, she also incorporated cycling, tennis, swimming and functional training in her routine. Thrice-a-week, she also did hot yoga. Her trainer Yasmin Karachiwala made her work out initially twice-a-day and later four to five days in a week for an hour-and-half. This was to help her lose weight and tone her body.

Being a foodie, she found giving up her favourite dishes a big challenge. But for the sake of her health, Sonakshi gave up eating junk food and started eating well-balanced meals.

Though she may still not fall in the thin or size-zero zone, Sonakshi is fitter than ever today and continues with her workout come what may. Since she has the tendency to put on weight quickly, she does not miss her exercise schedule and strives to eat healthy. Her recent public appearances are proof of her successful journey from being fat to fit. She’s the covergirl of the latest issue of L’Officiel magazine and looks stunning in her toned avatar.

Sonakshi’s diet secret for all those who wish to lose weight

She advises all weightwatchers to stop eating carbohydrates after six in the evening and drink several cups of green tea throughout the day
Regular exercise with a professional trainer is very important to lose weight systematically
She also advices everyone that that are no short cuts to losing weight. Being disciplined, determined and not losing hope for the entire period till one reaches the target weight is essential
Sonakshi Sinha firmly believes that losing weight is not only about seeing shrinking numbers on the weighing scale but it is an emotional journey where you need to be determined to sacrifice your favorite foods to achieve your goal.