Thursday, July 3, 2014

4 Ways to Reduce Fat on Face

Reduce Fat on Face

Are you feeling like your face is too round or bloated? Here are some basic steps to help you lose some of that face fat fast! If you follow these steps, you'll notice a slimmer face and you'll finally be rid of that double chin you've had for years.

4 best tips to Reduce Face Fat

Drink enough water

It is also important to make sure you get enough water throughout the day. This will cut down on bloating in the face and flush toxins from the body to increase overall health. People are often recommended to intake around 64 ounces of water per day between beverages and food consumed. Drinking water that is cold can also help you burn extra calories as your body will need to warm the water as is passes through your system to keep up your natural body temperature. Dehydration can cause the face to get bloated, so staying hydrated will keep your face looking trimmer.

Facial exercise

It is important to keeping the face looking slender. One example of this is a cheek puff exercise. This is performed by taking a deep breath and holding the air in the cheeks, pushing it into the left cheek for ten seconds, then switching to the right. Repeat as necessary. A smile exercise can exercise and tighten the cheeks as well as the mouth and gums. Smile and clench the teeth for a few seconds without squinting the eyes for a few seconds, then pucker the lips and repeat. You can also do a pucker exercise by puckering the lips for five seconds, then holding it on the right side for five seconds and switching to the left side for five seconds. Even something as simple as smiling and laughing more often can help you lose weight in the face. Making expressive faces such as sticking out the tongue or making an "O" shape with the lips can help tone the muscles to make the face appear more slender over time.

Reduce your fat intake

Build a diet around healthy options, and try to reduce your consumption of fat as much as possible. Cook your own meals more often than you eat out to control what you are consuming. Even changes as small as cutting out soda or turning down desserts can make a significant impact on the number of calories that you consume. Avoid eating just before bed. Cut back on your sodium consumption as well. Excess salt can retain water and leave your face puffy. Too much salt is also bad for your general health.

Get enough sleep

You should be getting at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Any less and your face may get bloated from fatigue. Sagging muscles also cause the face to look larger than normal.

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