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Deepika Padukone’s Flawless Beauty Secrets

Deepika Padukone  is blessed with a wonderful flawless skin. This Bollywood Diva has flawless beauty and stunning makeup sense. Now you can follow her too. The secrets behind the dazzling looks of this leggy lass is revealed in this post.

Skin and Body Care

Deepika Padukone  is a true natural beauty. Whether on-screen or off-screen, she does not need to put on a lot of things on her face as she is actually blessed with a gorgeous skin. Instead of applying instant makeup solutions, she emphasizes on following a regular skincare regimen. After each shooting session, she cleanses her skin meticulously. She does not like to wear makeup at all when she is not shooting.

‘Cleansing, toning and moisturizing’ is the basic part of Deepika’s daily skincare routine. The beautiful lady makes sure that her skin is free from any sort of makeup before she goes to bed every day. She considers the application of a hydrating cream essential for maintaining her skin’s natural water balance, which gets affected to some extent during the cleansing. A good quality moisturizer with SPF is also vital for hair daytime skincare.

Deepika thinks that picking the correct shade of foundation is extremely important for preparing our face for makeup and enhancing our look. But at the same time, she feels that there is no need of using foundation if one possesses a naturally good skin. For her, a neutral shade of foundation works well.  She also prefers to apply a concealer under her eyes and a ginger bronze blush on her cheekbones to complete her daily look.

For Eyes

Deepika just loves to highlight her eyes and eyebrows. A black eye liner and a brown shade of eye shadow are just perfect for her. She tops off her glam look with a touch of mascara. “Eyebrows are an important aspect”, Deepika says. She believes that having the right thickness and shape can help define one’s natural features.

Lips Care

Bold red lipstick is a hot favorite of Deepika. She carries it best with highlighted eyes. But sometimes, she also opts for pink, peachy brown or even nude shades. While not shooting or not attending any event, she just applies a moisturizing lip balm to her lips.

Hair Care

When it comes to hair, Deepika is very traditional. She likes warm coconut oil massage at least once a week. She has been relying on hair oil since her early days and feels that it is the best way to protect her hair follicles from the potential damages of sun exposure. Hair massage also protects  from hair fall.

Fitness tips

She prefers balanced meals loaded with fresh fruits and green vegetables. Eating every 2 hours is a must for her and she ensures that her foods are rich in carbohydrates and proteins. Deepika Padukone  is also extremely serious about her daily workout routine. She makes it a point to kick start her day with yoga followed by cardio exercises, light weight training, stretching and pilates. Regular walking for half an hour is another secret behind her utmost fitness as well as perfect hourglass figure.

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