Sunday, August 24, 2014

Benefits of Neem For Hair

Neem is an herbal remedy that comes from the neem tree, a species that is native to South Asia. Every part of the tree is used for medicinal purposes including the leaves, fruit, seeds, bark, gum and oils. All the parts of the neem tree contain similar therapeutic components, though in varying amounts. Neem tree has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. 

Neem products also help to stimulate blood circulation and the immune system. This helps to treat the scalp and to promote healthy hair growth. The soothing and healing properties of neem on the scalp may also be attributed to its high fatty-acid content.

How to Use Neem For Hair

Neem leaf is used to treat the problem of head lice, dandruff, excessive hair fall and to improve hair growth. For dandruff, boil Neem leaves in water, cool and strain it. Use it to rinse your hair after shampoo. To get rid of Head Lice, boil and grind Neem leaves to make a paste and apply it on the scalp. Wash hair after 30 minutes. This treatment will control hair fall, will prevent premature greying and will also boost hair growth.

Neem Hair Conditioner

Boil a bunch of neem leaves in water and make a paste out of it. Include honey to the paste and use as conditioner for your hair. Following getting washed your hair clear with shampoo, go away this neem hair conditioner in your hair for a number of minutes and rinse off. This will make your hair dandruff-free of charge along with aiding get rid of the frizz if any.

Neem and Fenugreek Seeds Paste

Fenugreek seeds like the neem leaf have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, as effectively as a cooling and calming effect. Soak about two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds for two-3 hours in water, and make it into a paste along with a bunch of neem leaves. Use this paste on your scalp and go away in for an hour, right after which clean your hair thoroughly. This combination is considered extremely useful for the therapy of dandruff.

Neem, Curd and Fenugreek Seed Paste

Take six-10 neem leaves, half a cup curd and 2-three tablespoons fenugreek seeds. Soak the seeds overnight and make into a paste, incorporating the neem leaves and curd. Squeeze 50 % a lemon into the paste. Prior to utilizing this mixture on your hair, massage oil into your scalp. Use any oil that you are cozy with, implement the paste and depart in for at least fifty percent an hour. Clean your hair as usual. This therapy can be accomplished twice a week to supply powerful reduction from dandruff.

Neem and Coconut Therapeutic massage Oil

Get one particular cup of coconut oil, boil neem leaves in it and strain the oil. Incorporate the juice of one lemon and a quarter cup of castor oil. Keep the mixture in a bottle and use frequently to massage into the hair and scalp. Enable the oil stay in your hair for at minimum 50 percent an hour just before washing your hair. It will help in lowering dandruff additionally, hold your hair wholesome.

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