Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Flat Stomach Tips and Tricks

It doesn't matter that you are a man or woman, a flat stomach is considered generally desirable. However, getting a flat stomach can be elusive for many. Much of how people store body fat is genetic. Thus, people that store fat around the waist and stomach, have a difficult time getting the elusive flat stomach. In addition, women that have had children may have a difficult time. The combination of diet and exercise is key.


One easy trick for making your stomach flatter is to always stand up straight. Also, don't hunch over while sitting. Not only does this pull in your stomach which makes it look and feel flatter, but pulling and contracting the stomach muscles strengthens them which also can also lead to a flatter stomach over time. Be confident and stand up straight.

Stability Ball

One way to target abdominal muscles is to work them out using a stability ball. Do the exercises a minimum of three times per week. One such exercise is to lay on your back, on the floor, with legs straight and arms up over the head. Hold the stability ball in your hands and bring the ball above your chest at the same time as you lift your legs and place the ball between your ankles.

Sugar Intake

Drastically reducing sugar intake is one trick for getting a flat stomach. As high insulin levels contribute to belly fat, reducing that insulin by not eating sugar will keep overall fat, especially belly fat, low. If your current diet is high in sugar, reducing it is helpful. There is no need to necessarily remove it totally from your diet. But, reduce the amount that you consume as much as possible.


Healthy snacks can also lead to a flatter stomach. Snacks should contain protein and limited processed carbohydrates. Options include nuts with an apple, a protein bar or string cheese. If possible, eat such a snack of this type in the middle of the afternoon. It will balance your blood sugar and also lower insulin levels, which will lead to less fat being stored around your mid-section.

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