Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to Flatten Stomach

Get rid of waistline flab and achieve that flat, toned stomach. There is a common misunderstanding about losing belly fat that in order to reduce it, you only have to exercise, and the only exercise you need to do is ab crunches. This is such a common mistake! People do hundreds of crunches each day just to see their bellies stay as fat as they were before! Forget direct abs exercises, they don`t really work as they have absolutely NO impact on the layer of fat that is ON TOP of the ab muscles.

Very Easy Tips to get Flat Belly Fast

Add fiber in your Diet

 A low-fiber diet can cause abdominal bloating and extra pounds around the mid-section. Increase your fiber intake by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, or take a daily fiber supplement to help get you on the path to a flat stomach.

Live stress free

There are many obstacles standing in the way of you and that perfectly sculpted midriff - poor diet and lack of exercise being the most obvious. But did you know that stress is also a major contributing factor? Too much stress at work or at home can play havoc with your hormone levels, making it very difficult to lose abdominal fat. This is not easy to control, but do your best to cut some stress out of your life and you will notice a big difference.

Reduce your sugar and carb intake

Eat less than 30g of carbs a day to achieve a slimmer stomach in two weeks. Also, you won't get a flat tummy unless you cut back on sugary foods and drinks, including pastries, cookies and sodas.

Tips for What to do in the gym

To get that body fat percentage down, you will need to burn fat, and this means a mixture of strength training and high-intensity interval training, as these get the heart rate up and promote lean muscle growth. Once you become familiar with these, you can start to introduce a few stomach exercises.

Eat clean

Exercise all you want, but the ripped stomach won't make an appearance unless you address your nutritional needs at the same time. Remember, you can't out train a poor diet, so commit to making the necessary changes before you start training. Eat less starchy carbs such as pasta and potatoes and more protein, such as lean cuts of meat and fish. A balance of 33% carbs, 33% protein and 33% healthy fats such as olive oil and oily fish works well for getting you lean. Basically, if you want that flat stomach, the junk has to go.

Lower your daily calorie intake

If you normally consume 2,000 calories a day, reduce it to 1,500. Combined with exercise, you'll lose 1 to 2 lbs. a week.

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