Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sonam Kapoor Makeup and Beauty Tips

Not only is Sonam Kapoor a Bollywood star, she is also a fashion and beauty icon. Very few people in this industry have been able to achieve this balance between being a Bollywood actress and a style icon. She is loved by the young and adored by the old. Here we bring you a few of Sonam’s makeup and beauty secrets.

Beauty Tips and Secrets of Sonam Kapoor

Eye Makeup of Sonam Kapoor

Sonam’s favorite eye makeup look is dark Smokey eyes. Indian eyes look beautiful in Smokey eye makeup. It brings out the depth in our eyes whilst giving it a smoldering effect. No wonder it is one of the favored eye makeup look by makeup artists, celebrities, designers as well as brides!  Being a L’Oreal ambassador, she naturally favors L’Oreal kohl pencil and L’Oreal Mascara.

You can also get Smokey eyes with different colors beyond just black. You can do a brown, grey, bottle green, dark blue as well as purple Smokey eye look. Blend any one of these colors with a touch of black; line your eyes with kohl, top it off with nice dark mascara and you can get a stunning finish on your eyes.

Lip makeup of Sonam Kapoor

She loves red lipstick. Red lips can dress up an occasion like no other. Underplay the eyes when doing red lips though. You can do a subtle eye shadow or a liner, but don’t go overboard with dark eyes when going for the red mouth. A lovely red color that suits your skin tone is a must have in your make up kit at all times!

Skin care tips of Sonam Kapoor

Moisturizing your skin is one way of keeping it looking young for longer. It's a mantra that not only Sonam follows, but also all of us in the fashion industry live by it. Invest in a good moisturizer that suits your skin type. It does not have to be expensive; it only has to be something that works for your skin. While in air-conditioned atmosphere, replenish your moisturizer every 2 hours at least. In the nights wash and moisturize at least half hour before sleeping so that your skin absorbs it and you do not end up smearing all that moisturizer on your pillow.

Fashionable Nails Tips by Sonam Kapoor

Sonam believes in experimenting with fashion and style and always completes her looks with a trendy nail polish color and beautifully finished hair. You should always complete your look if you want to look well groomed. Just doing up your face but leaving your hair undone or your nails looking bad will not really work in you favor. People notice everything about you. It is fun to experiment with the latest nail colors. Look at what’s tending, get those nail colors and contrast them with your outfit or make up or shoes.

Hairstyle Tips by Sonam Kapoor

As for hair, straighten it, blow dry it, tie it up with interesting twists and braids like Sonam does, braid it in interesting ways and if you are running short of time-gel it back into a sleek bun or a ponytail. Do what feels right for the moment, but always finish your hair for well-groomed look.

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