Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kristen Stewart Beauty Secrets and Makeup Tips

You rarely see Kristen Stewart walk the red carpet. Kristen Stewart is one of the most famous and highest-paid Hollywood actresses. She was born on April 9, 1990 and she is just 23.  Kristen Stewart certainly has a look all her own. You can see her in anything but smoky eyes. "She doesn't like lipstick," her makeup artist, Jillian Dempsey, told Allure. "She hates the maintenance, and every time I try a loud color on her lips, she nicely asks if I can wipe it off." But who can blame her? Stewart found a look that works because it suits her facial features and personal style. Sometimes it's classic smoky eyes with gray and black shadows, sometimes it's brown and bronze, or sometimes she adds a hint of color, but it's always perfectly smudged, and always cool.

Curious what Kristen's best beauty tip it? It's simple—hydrate!

"I drink a lot of water. Like, if you don't drink water, you look awful."
And finally, when it comes to her preferred braided cornrow hairstyle as of late, Stewart has a perfectly practical explanation for the look.
"It's comfortable and keeps my hair out of my face. And I liked the way it looked. But you need to re-do it once a week, or else it will start to look gross."
Spoken like a true beauty aficionado!

Stewart prefers to keep her makeup light off-camera, so she works hard to keep her face glowing. “Proactive keeps my skin really clear,” she says. “My biggest thing is to keep my face hydrated and healthy with a lot of moisturizer. I use creams from Dermalogica and Dr. Hauschka.

Other interesting facts from her beauty interview include:

·       She uses Kerastase hair products and opts for fully organic products.
·       She's a fan of Proactiv skincare: "It works. It's really good. I've used it for a long time. I'm reliant on it. I use their three-step system."

·       She really loves Florabotanica, the new Balenciaga fragrance, but then again, she is the face of the scent. But she really likes it, and not just because she's paid to say that: "Some perfumes just smell awful. They smell like your grandmother. This one never did to me. I genuinely use Flora all the time."

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