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Home Remedies for Soft Pink Lips Naturally

Lips are one of the most basic features that define your face and expressions. Your lips give the ultimate appeal to your face. But, if lips are such an important part of your overall charm then why do you pay such little attention on their care? Without proper care your lips can become dark and dull. To get a natural pink color on your lips, it is very important to follow a proper lip care regime regularly. So, here are few effective tips that will help you get that natural pink color.

Moisturize your lips

Because the skin of your lips contains a small amount of sebum (an oil), you must keep your lips moisturized if you want them to stay healthy and therefore pink. If you are going outside, try applying a bit of petroleum jelly or lip balm and if you are inside, use some coco butter. If you want your lips to be soft and pink, you must keep them moisturized.


Massages help to increase the circulation of blood to lips. Increased blood flow creates and illusion and make lips appear more reddish. Ice-cubes can be used to massage your lips. Take one ice-cube and gently rub it to your lips. Following this procedure daily will help you to relax your lip muscles and keep it beautiful.

Scrub your lips

Scrubbing your lips is one of the best natural remedies for getting pink lips without spending on expensive cosmetics. At night, before you hit the bed, use a soft toothbrush to scrub your lips. This will not only help to remove the dry chapped skin from the lips but will also keep your lips soft.

Oiling the belly button

Here is an age-old home remedy of keeping your lips naturally pink and healthy. Apply a few drops of desi ghee or mustard oil in your belly button (navel), before going to sleep. Those who have dry, chapped, or dark lips will see visibly effective results if they follow this natural tip, regularly.

Home Remedies for Soft Pink Lips Naturally

Sugar Scrub

Take sugar and use it like a scrub. This will remove the darkness and dead skin from your lips and provide your lips a pink colour. Repeat this daily in order to get rid of black lips.

Tea Tree Oil

Apply a few drops of tea tree oil on your lips and leave it. You can also utilize it as your regular lip balm. This will provide a natural color to your lips.

Pomegranate Juice

Another simple way to lighten dark, dull lips and create a beautiful pink color is using pomegranate seeds. Crush up the seeds and mix it with some milk cream. If you apply this home remedy to your lips regularly, you will start to see them becoming redder and fuller. The great thing about this remedy is that there are no side effects.

Pineapple & Papaya

Take pineapple and papaya pulp in equal amount and rub it onto your lips. Regular application will make your lips pink and soft.

Castor Oil, Lemon Juice & Glycerin

Mix castor oil, lemon juice & glycerin in equal amount and store it in a container. Apply this liquid lip balm on your lips. This will give you the desired pink lips.

Strawberry Juice & Petroleum Jelly

Take 1 spoon of petroleum jelly and 1 tablespoon of strawberry juice and make a fine pink colored jelly. Put it in a container and apply on a daily basis.

Rose Petals & Milk

Crush a few fresh rose petals in milk and blend it to prepare a fine paste. Use this paste on your lips and leave it. Re-apply it till you see the effect. Milk will reduce the dark color and rose petals will make your lips rosy and gorgeous.

Turmeric Powder

Take some turmeric powder and mix honey in it. Apply this thick paste on your lips as a lip balm and leave it.

More Tips

Quit Smoking. Smoking can be one of the main reasons your lips might be dark and dull. Because of that, one of the best home remedies for pink lips is to find a way to quit smoking. Remember that if you quit, your lips won’t just get pinker; your entire body will be healthier including your lungs and you will live longer as well.

Stay Hydrated. If you want beautiful, pink lips, one of the most important things to do is to stay hydrated. Try to increase your intake of water and drink fresh fruit juices as these will work together to keep you hydrated, giving you healthy, soft lips.

Don’t Lick Your Lips. It is very common that if your lips feel dry, you lick them but in reality, this will make it worse. It can actually cause your lips to become more dull and dry.

Use Sunscreen. If you are going out in the sun, always opt for a sunscreen that has a lip gloss on top. This will prevent your lips from darkening due to exposure to the sun’s harmful rays.

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