Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunny Leone Beauty tips and secrets

Sunny Leone, the hottest B-town star and the most searched actresses on Google sports an enviable body. According to a recent survey, it has been proved that the she is also the most searched actress on Google. With over 3.5 crore searches, she rocks the industry and maintains to mesmerize her fans with her inimitable charm.

From being  a ‘Bigg Boss’ inmate and finally turning an actress for Hindi cinema, it has been quite a journey for Sunny Leone. According to this star, the journey was tough. Of course, working on a film like ‘Jism 2’ demanded a fabulous body.

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Fitness Mantra of Sunny Leone

So what’s her fitness mantra? The actress is in love with working out and keeping her body in good spirits. Prior to working on this movie, she used to work out each day religiously. Her idea was to maintain a certain look she desired.

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Sunny believes in eating healthy. She loves being surrounded by her gym equipment and maintains that gym is her second home. She exercises a lot and try and not lose out on all of the muscles she had built.
Sunny knows that it’s very hard to eat good and workout on set. However, this is something she maintains even if it is for about 10-20 min in a day. Her dedicated efforts towards maintain a good body keeps her healthy.
Sunny Leone emphasizes on working out her lower and upper body. She indulges in crunches, butt-ups, leg raises, step-ups, push-ups, etc. These exercises makes all the difference to her body and helps keep maintain a toned body.
The s**y seductress understands that maintaining a strict diet and exercise schedule makes all the difference in the world. Despite her busy schedule she eats healthy and her diet comprises lots of vegetables and milk. Recently, Sunny fell in love with the Indian delicacy golguppas. She feels that these spicy treats are a fabulous way to give into cravings whenever it hits you. Since you cannot have many of them in one go, golguppas do not pile on calories.

So the next time you make an excuse not to go to the gym, remember Sunny’s mantra. If you want to look like the seductress and woo your man, take care of your body, pamper it once in a while. The idea is to enjoy life to the fullest. You deserve it, girls!

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