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Beauty tips and Secrets of Kim Kardashian

The name Kim Kardashian has become synonymous with glamor. Kardashian's flawlessly made-up face, expertly sartorial wardrobe and perfectly coiffed locks make the reality star a go-to for the paparazzi and a style inspiration for women.

The reality TV star, who is pregnant with her first child with boyfriend Kanye West, has often opened up about her beauty regime and make-up tips, posting make-up tutorials on YouTube and giving candid interviews.
Beauty tips and Secrets of Kim Kardashian

Skip Shampoo—Sometimes

Kardashian washes her hair every two days, which gets the thumbs-up from our favorite stylists. Don't wash your hair every day, because that can dry it out.  Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner a few days a week and a deep conditioning mask once a week. To keep her hair shiny and manageable Kardashian says I use Hair Masks. They make your hair so soft.

Take off your make-up

"My most essential product has got to be Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Towelettes in Night Calming," Kim once said. "I need a make-up wipe at all times." Going to bed with a clean face is necessary in order to let your skin breathe. Otherwise, your pores become clogged with product, causing reactions.

Create contours

Kim swears by contouring using concealer, so much so that she even posted pictures on Twitter documenting the process. In order to help her fans create the look, Kim gave a step-by-step guide. "I put on all my foundation first," she said. 
"I powder my face, then I put on concealer, and blend it with a pink egg-like sponge. Then I contour all here – think of a three." [With her finger she draws an invisible three on the side of her face] "I go cheekbones, under chin, then the top."

Max out the lashes

Kim loves her lashes to look long and luscious. While she insists her long eyelashes "run in the family" she also admits to getting a little help sometimes. "I'm a big fan of wearing lashes for shoots and big events," she once said. "The key to making your own lashes look super long is to apply different mascaras and take your time.

Keep nails neat

Kim is often spotted getting her nails done at the salon, but she is constantly filing them herself. "I'm OCD," she said. "[My nails] have to be perfectly squared. I carry a file with me everywhere I go. I get anxiety when I get my nails done if it's not the person I use all the time, because I don't want to offend them when I ask to file my own nails!"

Use Bio-Oil

Kim, who is six months pregnant, swears by Bio-Oil to keep her skin looking youthful and to fight off stretchmarks. "It prevents wrinkles around my eyes and stretchmarks over my body," the mother-to-be said of the £8.95 beauty product that contains Vitamin E.

Spend time on the eyebrows

Kim's make-up artist Joyce Bonelli once revealed how exactly she tends to the star's eyebrows. "On Kim I use Smashbox's eyebrow styling pencil, and we fill it in," she said. "We keep her eyebrows groomed in the shape she likes, more round at the peak rather than pointed. So we fill it in a little bit to keep it round, then to finish off the end of the brow."

Apply Eye Shadow Perfectly

Kardashian has a trick for wiping away flecks of shadow. Before applying, she says, "I powder under my eyes, so you can see the white powder, then brush it off." Another trick we like for long-lasting color: Dust a layer of that same translucent powder from the lash lines to the brows before applying shadow.

Eat Right

Kardashian says her cellulite has "gotten better with diet." She typically eats oatmeal for breakfast, salad for lunch, and chicken for dinner.

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