Tuesday, January 13, 2015

How to Get rid of Marks on Face and Acne scars

Most of us will have to deal with facial marks at some point in our life — whether they be a result of acne or more intense surgical or traumatic scars. Facial markings are an annoyance, for sure. For some, though, they are debilitating. It can affect their daily self-esteem — depending on the severity, some are very cognizant of avoiding certain types of overhead lighting that makes scarring more noticeable.

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Spots and patches on the face can be embarrassing and even lead to low self-esteem. Luckily, there are many possible treatments, such as acid peels and laser surgeries. Simple, natural homemade remedies also may reduce the appearance of spots and other blemishes on your face.

Home Remedies for Facial Marks and Acne Marks

Baking Soda

An excellent and very popular method for getting rid of acne scars and other facial marks naturally, as it helps to unclog your pores and kills acne causing bacteria. It even helps to exfoliate the skin. Simply combine water and baking soda and mix it into a paste. Apply this mixture to your acne scars and let it sit for about 2 to 3 minutes, then rinse and wash your skin well. Use this technique twice daily.

Cucumber Juice

Apply cucumber juice to face or just massage your face with cucumber slices. This will help remove marks/spots and freshen ups your skin. Use cucumber juice to wash your face once a day to keep your skin soft and supple.

The Honey Rub

An excellent way to smooth out the skin and clean your pores. Use warm water to clean your face, then quickly pat the skin and make it dry. This will open up the pores and allow the honey to get into the pores. Apply the honey to the areas affected by acne scars and lightly massage to your face. Leave it for 20 minutes, then wash your face with warm water. Dry your face and then rub an ice cube all over on your face this will close the pores.

Orange Peels

Oranges are great for skin. Drink orange juice for healthy skin and use its peel for making a face pack. Grind orange peels with little water to make a paste and apply this to face leave it for 15mins and rinse with water.

Turmeric and Lemon

Apply mixture of lemon juice and turmeric once in week to remove your acne marks/blemishes and get clear skin.

Papaya and Milk mask

Use Papaya for removing pigmentation marks. Take raw milk and mashed papaya, mix it well and massage a bit and apply this face pack. Leave it for 15mins and then rinse with water.

Aloe Vera and Vitamin E

Mix aloe vera gel with few ( 2-3) vitamin E capsules and apply this gel to the face. Leave it for 10 minutes and then rinse. This will remove blemishes on your face making it soft and supple.

Tomato Face Mask

This is simple home acne remedy that can help to get rid of acne scars/blemishes. Take half a tomato and then start rubbing on your scars, leave it for 20mins and then rinse. This will lighten the scars.

Sandalwood face mask

Apply the paste of sandalwood powder and water on the face and leave it until it dries then rinse with water. This is simple and most common and effective method to treat blemishes/marks on face.


Due to its mild bleaching properties, using yogurt is a safe and easy way to keep your skin glowing and lighten brown spots naturally. Apply some plain yogurt directly on the spots. Let it dry on its own for about 20 minutes before rinsing it off with cold water. For faster results, apply yogurt on the affected area before going to bed and leave it on overnight.


Your vegetable drawer is another source of home remedies for black spots or dark patches. Potatoes can be applied in one of the two ways: Slice up a potato and place one slice directly on the black spots; leave on for a few minutes and then wash your face with lukewarm water. You can also make a face mask by combining grated potato with honey. Some people have also had success using tomatoes to get rid of dark black spots within a few weeks.

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