Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Adnan Sami's Weight loss Secrets and Diet paln tips

Adnan Sami the world’s fastest piano player has always maintained his presence in news reports whether it is about his marital status, musical journey or weight loss. Sami recently told the media that he has lost some 165 kg in recent years.

Adnan Sami says that people think he reduced weight with the doctor’s help and even he came to know that some doctors were taking the credit of his weight loss who he hasn’t even seen ever. They even use his workout as an advertisement for their own business, he further added.

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Diet Plan 

A quick look at Adnan Sami's diet plan: He has cut down on bread, rice, sugar and oil completely. His diet includes salads, dal without tadka, tandoori fish without oil, popcorn without butter, Lots of sugar-free drinks and no alcohol.

He usually starts the day with a cup of sugarless tea. For lunch, he eats generous helpings of salad tossed with just one table spoon of fat-free dressing. He eats plain dal (no rice, roti) for dinner. "I am allowed to have chicken but I don't feel like having it," Adnan says.

People’s Reaction on Adnan Sami’s weight loss

A lot of times people say to me, “Oh my gosh, you have lost 160 kilos. Why didn't you do it before?” But, they don't understand that if I could have, I would have. The point is, first of all, it took me Herculean strength to build up the courage and the mental strength to go through such a task. Frankly, in the beginning, I didn't think I was up to the job. I saw this huge mountain in front of me and said: “How the hell am I going to climb it?” At that time, I had tried [to diet] and failed so many times. I would break my resolve within a week's time! The kind of profession I am in, there is always something or the other happening. There are parties, functions to attend, we travel a lot, and it was difficult to stick to the diet.

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