Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Best Dressing Tips for Raksha Bandhan

Having an appropriate dress for every occasion is really difficult and hence you can make a statement with bold prints and bright colors. Raksha Bandhan are the right time to ditch the black and blues and hop onto something more colorful, pleasant and cheerful. 

Find a dress that compliments your complements your features hiding your flaws and make sure it’s a little distinguished from the conventional dresses. Are you really confused? Well no worries, just read out and find which dress suits you the best…..

Match Clothes with Your Sister: Single Tone Colors: Usually men fare better with solid colors than they do with a combination of colors. So if your sister has picked a single tone outfit, you are saved. You need not work too hard to find an ethnic outfit of the same color. Play around with the shade to make it work for you. If your sister is wearing baby pink, you can choose a darker and more 'male' shade of pink.

Color Combination: Sometimes, copying the color too closely can look unimaginative and even funny to an extent. So to make things more interesting, become her contrast twin. If she is wearing white kurta and red salwar, you choose a red kurta and white churidar. This contrast will make you two look like a perfect pair of siblings, different in their approach to life but identical at the core.

Casual But Well Matched: Most of us do not have a holiday on Raksha Bandhan these days. So if you are uncomfortable with wearing heavy traditional wear, you can go for a casual look and still match your clothes with your sister. Pick the color she has chosen and wear a shirt or t-shirt of the same color. You can go about your day easily in whatever clothes you are wearing and your sister would still know that you made the effort to ess especially for her.

Match Accessories: Men are not too imaginative in picking out the best suited accessories for themselves. However, you can pick something small but significant to match your look with your sister. It could be a pair of bracelets that you brought many years back or identical beaded necklaces that you brought from a fair. Rakhi is more about celebrating those moments of togetherness than anything else. To match your clothes with your sibling's, you need some intent and the rest will be taken care of by these ideas. What else are you doing to make Raksha Bandhan special for your sister?

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