Wednesday, September 9, 2015

How to Apply Blush According to Your Face Shape

All of us look different and that is what makes each one of us have a unique look. We have numerous face shapes which determines if it is oval, round, oblong, etc. Now, when it comes to having the perfect blush, the technique differs from one face shape to the other. We have listed down the possible face shapes, and the ways you need to pull those strokes for applying the blush. You do not need to a professional makeup artist and this would be easy for self-help.

How to Apply Blush According to Your Face Shape

Square Shaped Face

When applying blush to a square shaped face, you’ll want to apply it to the apples of your cheeks, towards the outer corners of your eyes. This will give your square face an elongation to your profile. When applying blush to square shaped faces, make sure the blush is concentrated on the upper part of the cheeks.

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Round Shaped Face

With round faces, you want to try and elongate your face, so basically you are sucking in your cheeks. To do that, apply blush under your cheekbones, in an up and down motion towards your temple. Do not apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, as that will make your face appear more round.

Heart face shapes

For heart face shapes, you may want to follow the instructions for square face shapes, but bring your blush slightly up towards your cheekbones. Keep this very slight though – the focus should still be on the fleshy part of the apples of your cheeks.

Long Shaped Face

When applying blush to a long shaped face, you want to break up your face a bit, to give off the illusion that it is not that long. Apply blush from the apples of your cheekbones, in an angled vertical line towards your ears. Make sure the blush does not start from below the tip of the nose.

Oval shaped face

Oval shaped faces are considered to be the most appealing as they pull off styles very easily – be it hairstyle, eyebrow shape or even blush strokes! If you are one of the lucky women to have an oval face shape, all you need to do is dash a color on your cheeks. Take a fluffy brush and add some color on the apple of your cheeks, now slowly sweep it up towards the temple. Blend the blush to you are sorted!

Tips on applying blush

  • If you want to go for a natural tint, choose a blush which would match the undertones of your skin. Pick a cool or warm toned color according to how you can carry it.

  • For making your blush last long, remember to apply crème blush while the foundation is damp. Blend both of them together and dust with loose powder.

  • If you want a sexy look, apply shimmery blush at the peak of your cheekbones.

  • To brighten the eyes, you can blush a little over the eyelids.

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