Thursday, November 19, 2015

Benefits of Malai or Milk cream for Soft Clean Fairer skin

Do you chucks malai in the bin because you do not want to put on excess weight? Malai is nothing but clotted or milk cream and has wonderful benefits for your skin. So you can use it to make these amazing face packs. It is made from milk and holds multiple benefits for different skin types. Here’s how to make its face packs.

Benefits of Malai or Milk cream for Soft Clean Fairer skin

For fairness

Put one teaspoonful of milk cream and add 3 pinches of turmeric powder in it. Mix it well and apply it over your clean face. It feels very moisturizing when the skin is dry and scaly especially in the dry winter season. Wash this malai face pack the next day so that it can work on the face overnight to lighten the skin tone. This can be done every day for very dry skin. soon the skin will become glowy and fair.

Gram flour and milk cream face pack

This pack using malai targets the dull dry skin which needs a brighter looking skin. Mix one teaspoonful of both milk cream and gram flour. Add 2-3 strands of saffron as well. Apply it on the skin and wash off.

Honey and Milk cream face pack

Mix honey and cream and apply it on your face. Let it be for 20 minutes and wash it off. The cream will soften your skin, while the honey will cleanse it and keep it free of acne.

Rose water with milk cream

If you are facing the problem of flakiness all over the body then mix four tablespoon of milk cream with two tablespoon of rose water and apply all over the legs, arms and face before going for your bath.

Oats with milk cream Face pack

Mix one tablespoon of milk cream with one teaspoon of oats, one teaspoon of turmeric and one teaspoon of rose water. Apply this pack on your face and gently rub in circular motion for five minutes. Leave it for 15. This face mask gives you super soft glowing fairer skin.

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