Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Health and Beauty benefits/tips of Black Tea

If you have always loved sipping on that cup of chai, here's more reason to love tea, which is rich in antioxidants - it can help you get gorgeous.

Health and Beauty benefits/tips of Black Tea

Busts under eye puffiness

Don't throw out the used teabag. A quick and easy home remedy is to put the used bag in the fridge to cool it and then place it under the eyes. Tea has caffeine, which aids in shrinking blood vessels under the eyes and thus reduces puffiness and dark circles.

Eliminates foot odor

Suffering from smelly feet? Don't just use a deo on them; instead soak your feet in a solution that made of boiled black tea. Tea is anti-bacterial and stops the 'foot sweat' thus reducing the smell. It also closes the pores of the feet.

Oral Health

The catechin antioxidants contained in black tea help in the reduction of oral cancers. The polyphenols and tannin act as antibiotics, thus inhibiting the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Black tea contains fluoride which fights bad breath and prevents tooth decay by eradicating harmful bacteria from the oral cavity. A daily dose of two cups of black tea provides around 1.5 mg fluorides.

Fighting those mimic wrinkles

You can freeze some freshly made tea and use ice cubes to tone your skin every morning and evening. Just pass an ice cube over your face and neck till it melts completely. Iced tea moisturizes your skin, it is very refreshing and makes your face look smoother.

Healthy Bones And Connective Tissue

The powerful phytochemicals in black tea help in strengthening the bones and connective tissue. In fact, research has proved that black tea drinkers have comparatively healthier bones.

Control Hair loss

The caffeine present in black tea helps in decreasing DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), a hormone found in the scalp that causes hair loss. Thus, black tea helps in increasing the hair thickness and lowering the hair loss.

Healthy Shiny hair

Using black tea rinses as part of your hair care regimen adds shine, luster and natural darkness to your hair because of its dark hue. For this purpose, add 3 bags of tea to 6 cups of boiling water. After keeping this mix for an hour at room temperature, pour it on your head and wrap your hair in a towel. Wash your hair normally after an hour or two.

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