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Anushka Sharma Beauty Secrets, Diet Plan, Workout and Fitness Tips

Anushka Sharma’s flawless skin and her shiny & healthy hair always leave us wanting to know the secret behind them. Anushka has the unbeatable combination of beautiful skin & hair as well as a body to die for with an electrifying smile good enough to light a million light houses. Anushka Sharma has become one of most sought after stars in the country today. Her Vibrant, energetic & peppy persona and vivacious & zesty spirit make her come across as someone who is delicate yet sturdy and sensitive but responsive at the same time.
The beautiful Anushka Sharma believes in simple beauty solutions like customary cleansing of the skin and a coconut oil massage for her hair before going to bed or using homemade pace packs to stay beautiful!

Anushka Sharma Beauty Secrets, Diet Plan, Workout and Fitness Tips

Anushka Sharma Workout Routine

Dance to her is the best form of cardio workout. Four times weight training in a week amalgamated with regular yoga is what keeps her brisk throughout the day. She believes that in today’s world of chaos, yoga is the only remedy which can relax both your body and mind. She herself experienced radiant glow on her face after embarking on yoga.

To keep her mind calm and peaceful, Anushka practices meditation both in the morning and before going to bed. It removes all her stress and keeps her in cheerful mood all the while. Anushka practices regular workouts. At times, when she has very tight schedule and due to shooting she is not able to give time to workouts in the morning, she certainly does that in the evening. Even while having shootings at faraway places, she doesn’t fail to go out for walking or jogging.

Since adequate rest is the vital key to rejuvenate your entire body system and workouts not accompanied with proper rest are good for nothing, she does take proper sleep of eight to nine hours at night.

Skin Care

Anushka says that her glowing face is because she stays hydrated by drinking 2-3 litres of water every day. It cleanses the system and that reflects on her skin. She makes sure to remove make up before sleeping as the chemicals in cosmetic products ruin the skin in the long term and must be removed before going to bed. She uses a creamy cleanser to wash her face and moisturizes it with cocoa butter lotion as published by Anushka also scrubs her skin regularly. She uses Rose Water regularly to wash her face leaving her with extremely vibrant skin. Anushka also told that she uses neem face pasks to detoxify her skin.

Anushka Sharma Diet Plan

Anushka being conscious about her diet gives 60% importance to diet for maintaining her body in shape. She refrains from junk foods for she feels that just like a mirror; our skin reflects exactly what we feed to our stomach. And our face naturally glows when we bank on wholesome foods. Contrary to that, junk or unhealthy foods merely make us look tired and insipid.

After starting her day with breakfast, which includes one glass of fruit juice and two egg whites, Anushka doesn’t forget to have six small meals in a day, which include lime water, coconut water, protein bar, fruits, cheese toast, and other healthy snacks.

She prefers carrying homemade lunch with her to shooting, which generally includes dal, chapattis, and vegetable salad. Homemade food being her supreme priority has her abide by the same healthy meal for dinner as well. Her daily routine includes 3-4 liters of water; it eliminates all the toxins from her body.

Anushka Sharma Beauty Secrets

Anushka counts on light make-up for adorning her pretty face. She strongly advocates not going out in sun without applying sunscreen lotion. Washing her face with creamy cleanser and moisturizing it with cocoa butter lotion are some of her routine preparations prior to going to bed. She contends, cosmetics contain harmful chemicals and your skin should not be left in contact with those harmful chemicals at night.

While revealing the secret of her beautiful hair, Anushka tells that she massages her hair with coconut oil before washing them. Already blessed with healthy and glowing skin, she applies neem face pack to detoxify her face. Detoxifying your skin at regular intervals keeps you from the harmful impacts of cosmetics and pollution.

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