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How to get rid of Saggy breasts and Firm up Saggy Breasts

Most women want to have their breasts to be always perfectly shaped. But unfortunately this is not possible. Sagging of the breasts is a natural process as the age women advance in age. The breasts lose their tightness and elasticity.  Besides aging, other factors that lead to sagging of breasts include pregnancy, menopause, breastfeeding, nutritional deficiencies and ill fitting bras. Breasts also sag as a result of some diseases like cancer and tuberculosis. Breasts are made of fat, glands and tissues. They do not have muscle and so they need proper care to keep them in proper shape.

Why Breasts Droop And Sag?

Pregnancy, breast feeding, aging, and hormonal changes are natural processes. During pregnancy, lactating and breastfeeding period hormonal changes alter  breasts biochemistry and their physical appearance and contours so no woman can ever escape from these natural biological processes. Multiple pregnancies, breastfeeding or aging or due to unusual hormonal changes breasts sag and droop. Aging reduces the elasticity, not only of your skin but also that of your pectoral muscles that support your breasts. No matter whatever may be the reason for your sagging breasts, the following methods if considered seriously, would give very satisfying results.

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Home remedies for tightening and firming breasts

Breast Massage

If your worry about your sagging and drooping breasts is taking a toll on your health, then without blinking your eyes, you must incorporate breast massage as a routine in your breasts’ health plan. When you include even this as a single health plan for your breasts, then you will definitely win half the battle pertaining to your saggy and droopy breasts. Many scientific research studies have revealed the importance of massage in improving the health and condition of breasts as it improves blood circulation, improves the condition of blood capillaries, maintains hormonal balance, and more importantly, improves the production of prolactin hormone, which along with estrogen and progesterone helps in maintaining the firmness and elasticity of the breasts. Breast massage can be performed on yourself or with your partner; both ways it is effective and act as a perfect remedy for your sagging and drooping breasts.

Opt For Ice Massages

Ice can help tone the skin in and around the breast region. All you need to do is rub a few ice cubes over your breasts in wide circular motions. Alternatively, you can also wrap some crushed ice in a soft cloth and use the same to massage your breasts. Massage for no more than 1 minute as too much exposure to ice can cause numbness. Opt for this massage at regular intervals throughout the day to firm your breast muscles and skin.

Vitamin E Oil And Egg Breast Mask

Make a paste consisting of yogurt, vitamin E and egg (in the ratio 1 tbsp: 1 tbsp: 1 egg). Apply this paste over your breast and rub it in nicely. Let the mask settle for about half an hour. Rinse it off with cold water afterwards.


Remember! Elasticity of your skin and muscles supporting your breasts is very important. Therefore, a perfect bra with necessary elasticity and support is very essential for your breasts. Next time when you shop, remember to invest your precious time for searching a very good bra, the one with apt size, perfect elasticity and stretchability. Whenever necessary avoid highly elastic, loose and stretchable bra. Therefore, a perfect sporty and supportive bra may help support your breast properly and thus helps in maintaining the elasticity of your breasts’ skin and pectoral muscles.

Drink Water

Water is a miraculous drink with enormous benefits for your entire body. Make it a habit of drinking pure water to hydrate your skin, particularly your breast’s skin that needs it the most to regain the elasticity and strength that is needed to bear the weight of your breasts.

Posture to avoid breast sagging

One of the reasons of sagging breast is also due to the poor posture. If you keep on stooping with your shoulder lowered, there is a chance that you breast shape will get affected. The posture where you are hunching forward is one of the reasons why people gets saggy breast. If you really wish to avoid sagginess of your breast, avoid this posture totally and try to stay and sit straight with your spine vertically upright.

Fenugreek seeds

Fenugreek seeds have the properties that help the breast to grow and stay firm. Prepare a paste using fenugreek powder and massage the breasts with it. Wash it clean with water after five to ten minutes. This is a wonderful remedy to get a firm and beautiful breast in a natural way. No surgeries are required. You must do this on a regular basis to stay away from ugly and shaggy breasts.


It is an excellent anti-aging ingredient that can help to prevent sagging breasts and make them firm. Prepare a paste using pomegranate peel and mustard oil. Massage the breasts in circular motion regularly at night before going to bed. Alternatively neem oil can be mixed with dried pomegranate rind powder and heated for a few minutes. This can be used as massage oil after it is cooled

Exercises To Correct Saggy Breasts

Certain exercises can help tone the connective tissues and muscles present in the breasts, and prevent them from sagging. These exercises can also effectively lift up and firm sagging breasts. Here are some of the more common exercises often recommended for the same purpose.
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Push Ups

Lie down on your stomach on the floor or a flat surface. Keep your knees bent and your ankles crossed. Now place your palms parallel to your shoulders on the floor and bend your elbows.Keeping your ankles crossed, use your palms to raise your torso off the ground. Lower your body after 5 counts, making sure you don’t touch the floor when you come back down. Repeat this exercise for about 15 times every day.

Dumbbell Fry

Lie down on your back on the floor and hold a dumbbell in each arm. Extend your arms upwards until they are straight. Slowly lower the arms to either sides of the body, making sure you don’t bend your elbows in between. Don’t let your arms touch the floor as well.Rather, stop a few inches above the ground. Maintain this posture for about 10 counts and bring your arms back above your body. Repeat this exercise for about 10 times every day to strengthen the chest pectoral muscles.

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