Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Home remedies to whiten teeth naturally without any chemical

A normal smile is among the things people tend to notice. When it is bright and flawless, it is an indication of good health, beauty and vigor. However, where teeth are stained smiling can be limited if you are self-conscious. In the recent past, cosmetic dentistry has risen up where there are many products for use to whiten teeth. These though are costly. There however are many ways on how to get white teeth naturally and using home remedies for whiter teeth. These home remedies for teeth whitening will turn yellow teeth to white if used consistently. We explore them below. 

Home remedies to whiten teeth naturally without any chemical 


Malic acid is a natural astringent that acts as a bleaching agent, and it is present in most commercially available tooth-whitening products. Strawberries are filled with this key ingredient, which will whiten your teeth naturally, so make sure to add them to your basket on your next trip to the farmer’s market. The vitamin C in strawberries also aids in removing plaque. 


Apples also contain high levels of malic acid. The act of biting and chewing on this crunchy fruit gently scrubs away debris, stains, and bacteria from your mouth. 

Apple Cider Vinegar White Teeth Home Remedy 

Although using apple cider vinegar will not yield instant results, its regular use over time will see you with whiter teeth. Apple cider vinegar is a healthy organic remedy which can help to restore brightness on teeth and can be used in a number of ways. Combine one part of apple cider vinegar with two parts of water. Use the solution to swish around for around two minutes. Repeat this daily. You can also use it as a mouth rinse after your regular oral care. You can also combine one part of baking soda with two parts of vinegar. Use this to brush your teeth. 

Use Straws and lids 

To reduce stains, sip staining liquids, like dark green and red juices through thick straws and drink tooth-discoloring beverages like coffee and green tea through vented lids, Maddahi says. "These are great tricks to reducing the amount of staining you get on your teeth," he says. 

Banana Rinds White Teeth Remedy 

Another effective way on how to get white teeth naturally is using banana rinds. This remedy is easy to use. Banana peels have minerals that get absorbed into the teeth giving them a great look. Applying it for the purpose of teeth whitening is easy. Simply get a ripe banana and rub the inner part of the peel on your teeth for two minutes twice each day. 

Oil Pulling 

Oil pulling is an Indian remedy used primarily to enhance oral health and cleanse the body. The process is actually quite simple, harmless, and very inexpensive. Simply take one tablespoon of a pure, organic oil and swish it around in your mouth for 15-20 minutes. Move the oil around your mouth through sipping, sucking, and essentially pulling through your teeth. After rinsing, spit out the oil, thoroughly rinse your mouth out with water, and consume 2-3 glasses of water (purified if possible). 

Baking Soda and Lemon 

This may be one of the most popular of the natural teeth whitening home remedies. The chemical reaction of baking soda with the citrus of lemon juice has a smile-brightening effect. Either one of these ingredients works well, but together they are super-effective. Only brush with this solution up to once per week as it can wear away the tooth enamel if used too frequently. If irritation occurs, the baking soda may be too abrasive for your gums, so discontinue use. If you’re worried about damaging tooth enamel, try some of the other solutions. 

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