Monday, May 8, 2017

Is Morning Walk Effective For Weight Loss?

Walking is one of the safest forms of exercise known today. Depending on how often you walk, you can manage to easily lose one pound per week or more. Think about it, in less than five months you can be 20 pounds lighter without spending hours at the gym and without going on a diet.
While you shed the pounds and inches from your body, you are also toning your muscles and improving your health. Once you learn how to implement the principles of walking to lose weight into your lifestyle, you will surely be hooked on this easy and beneficial exercise routine.

How Many Steps To Take to Lose Weight?

To lose weight the average person needs to take about 2,000 steps in the average mile. One mile burns about 100 calories. This means your pedometer will help you keep track of your steps, how many miles you reach each day and how many calories you burn. It will also help you if you don’t have time to exercise. You can simply add steps to your daily routine.
to know about your steps you can use track wrist belt (like this) or pedometer (like this).
  • 1 Mile = 2,000 steps and 100 calories burned
  • 1 Pound – 3,500 calories
  • 1 Pound weight loss per week = 500 calorie deficit per day
  • To lose 1 pound per week you need to add 10,000 steps to your day.

Benefits of walking

  1. Burn calories
  2. Boost metabolism
  3. Boost energy level
  4. Reduce bad cholesterol
  5. Strengthens legs
  6. Boost immune system
  7. Improve blood circulation
  8. Maintain normal blood pressure
  9. Helps to reduce extra sugar in blood. Reduces high blood sugar
  10. Helps to fall asleep quickly
  11. Very good for heart. Keeps away heart related problems

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Walking Style

Everyone knows how to walk and have been doing so since they were a small child. However, over the years bad posture and habits may have caused you to have less than desirable walking standards.
When walking for exercise you will want to keep your chin up, focus your eyes about 10 feet forward, keep a long stride, pull in your abdomen towards your spine and squeeze your glutes. This style of walking will help you achieve maximum benefits from your workout.

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